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Quintus system with GUI

Premium system solution boosted by Total Quality Concept.
The system that stands out.

Quintus features a whole host of practical functions that are hard to find elsewhere. Here we present five good reasons for choosing Quintus:

  • Outstanding user-interface. Large touch-screen displays all 26 parameters plus histograms and scattergrams.
  • Compact foot-print. With compact design the analyzer requires minimal bench-space.
  • 100 sample Autoloader option. The optional Autoloader makes Quintus a perfect walk-away system.
  • Long-life, high quality reagents with up to 24-month shelf life.

QC material with long stability. QC material with long in-use time. Easy-to-enter, easy-to-use.

Outstanding user-interface

Plenty of room to display all 26-parameter results plus scattergrams and histograms, warnings, messages and flaggings.

Another Quintus plus that’s hard to find on other analyzers is its big landscape-view touch-screen. This interface, combined with Window-based software specially-developed for easy navigation, makes sample processing and result viewing as user-friendly as possible. Quick-links give access to all main functions and the 10.4-inch display allows clear presentation of results, histograms and scattergrams. For closer inspection, just touch the screen to zoom in. What’s more, the result bars shows at a glance whether result are within range or not.